About Us

The Possibility Fund is a nonprofit organization committed to creating the bright future people deserve. We collaborate closely with community organizations and institutions to uncover and dispel the history, assumptions, and widely-held views constraining what's possible for communities. We use a unique approach that focuses on shifting mindsets to forward communities in reaching their full potential.

Our Values to Achieve Our Vision


Expanding the power of 
the human spirit

We believe in the endless, enduring strength that comes from people's heart. We are relentless when it comes to leveraging the human spirit to create global, sustainable impact.


Passionately driving 
for the future

We are bold and have an unshakeable stand for change; that is the only way it happens. Every single person can leave the world a better place. Every decision we make is driven by our purpose.


Bring people together

It takes a village and we bring the village together. We are constantly connecting on a soul-to-soul level to take on the intractable. We know there's a solution, and we'll find it together.


Building a bright future

We believe anything is possible for anyone. Any complicated problem in the world can be reframed and overcome. We are not blind to how the world is right now, but were are clear that we can change it.

Board of Directors

pontish-yeramyanPontish YeramyanBoard Chair

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lucy-malmbergLucy Malmberg
Vice Chair

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cindy-fisherCindy Fischer

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maurice-r-mittsMaurice MittsSecretary

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david-pinesDavid PinesExecutive Director

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